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dubbing services.

To: Subject: dubbing services SirMadamDear. I have recently (I write these words on Thursday, 7 MAY 2020)  opened a channel on youtube, Where I start uploading content about the disability struggle I have been participating… Read More »dubbing services.

bitcoin job.

To: Re: My question. Dear Madams/Sirs I am a person with disabilities who has been unable to return to the labor market for many years. About a month ago (I am writing these words on… Read More »bitcoin job.

a petition.

May 24, 2020       To:      Mr. Israel Katz – Minister of Finance.              Mr. Yaakov Litzman – Minister of Construction and Housing.     We, the public of the invisible disabled… Read More »a petition.

“nitgaber” movement.

   To: whom it may concern. Subject: the “Invisible Disabled Persons” movement  Honored Sir/Madam,  In recent years I am a partner in the disabled persons’ struggle, in which I participate, aimed at raising disability benefits… Read More »“nitgaber” movement.

Internet venture.

To: Subject.: Internet venture. Dear Madames/ Sirs. On Monday , March 22, 2121, I sent the attached message to  Logosite . I would like to know if you think there is a possibility for the… Read More »Internet venture.