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הפוסטים באתר

Online systems.

To: Subject: system buildup. Dear Madames/ Sirs. I am interested in ordering the following service from programmers: setting up a system of TTS-TEXT TO SPEECH In Armenian, Belarusian, Turkmen, Kyrgyz, Yiddish and Basque languages ​​-… Read More »Online systems.

Content for blog.

To: Subject: buying links. Dear Madames/ Sirs. I own a multilingual blog that deals with issues of illness and disability. The blog was built on the system and stored on the servers of… Read More »Content for blog.

whatsapp groups.

I am looking for whatsapp groups search engine-which I can find relevant groups according to keywords. with regards, Asaf Benyamini, Costa Rica St. No. 115, Entrance A.- Apartment 4, Kiryat Menahem, Jerusalem, Zip code: 9662592… Read More »whatsapp groups.

fax services.

To: Subject: Fax sending software. SirMadamDear. I am looking for software, or a website through which you can receive a sending service, and also receive free faxes – do you know or know of such… Read More »fax services.

Joining offer.

On July 10, 2018, I joined the “nitgaber” movement – transparent disabled people. We try to help promote the social rights of the “transparent disabled”, that is: people like me, who suffer from disabilities and… Read More »Joining offer. plugin.

To: Subject: Plugin installation. Dear Madames/ Sirs . I write on the website – built on the system, and stored on the servers of I installed the plugin Website Article Monetization By… Read More » plugin.

Here is my correspondence with יום ו׳, 5 באוג׳ ב-11:34 Hello there! While i totally understand your situation, i’m not really sure how we as a plugin can help and even less how I… Read More »


1) As you know, on many websites where users register, there is a “regular” plan where you can use the free system – and at the same time paid plans that have a wider range… Read More »NEW IDEAS.