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Joining offer.

On July 10, 2018, I joined the “nitgaber” movement – transparent disabled people.

We try to help promote the social rights of the “transparent disabled”, that is: people like me, who suffer from disabilities and serious illnesses that are not conspicuously visible to the outside – a lack of external visibility that causes severe discrimination even in relation to other disabled groups.

Joining the movement is open to everyone, and for that you can contact the director, Mrs. Tatiana Kaduchkin:

972-52-3708001. or: 972-3-5346644.

Sunday-Thursday between 11:00 and 20:00Israel time – and this is except for Jewish holidays and the various Israeli holidays.

assaf benyamini – the letter writer.

Learn more:

post Scriptum. 1) Below is the letter I sent to the company “Radet equipment and systems RDT Equipment & Systems”:

        —– Message forwarded —–by: Asaf Binyamini < >

to: < > Sent on: Tuesday, August 16, 2022 at 20:57:34 GMT+3 Subject: Letters to “RDT Equipment & Systems” .

To the company “Redet Equipment and Systems”.


Subject: Suspicious phone call.

Dear Madames/ Sirs.

 Today, Tuesday, August 16, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. I received a phone call to my phone number 972-2-6427757 from a woman who introduced herself as your employee, who spoke fluent Hebrew and flatly refused to identify herself by name. According to her, the social movement in which I am active (“nitgaber” movement – transparent disabled people) allegedly ordered one or other measurement services from you. I will note that during the entire conversation I heard myself double whenever I spoke (is it possible that this was done on purpose to try and confuse me?). I will note that the whole story sounds very strange to me for two reasons:

a) The areas of activity of the “nitgaber” movement – transparent disabled people are not related in any way to the areas of activity of your company.

b) At the nitgaber movement we have never ordered any service from you.

And in view of these puzzling, and also suspicious circumstances, it is not clear to me why you even made a decision to contact me by phone.

assaf benyamini,

115 Costa Rica Street,

Entrance A-flat 4,

Kiryat Menachem,


Israel, zip code: 9662592.

my phone numbers: at home-972-2-6427757. Mobile-972-58-6784040.


Post scriptum. A) My ID number: 029547403. B) My e-mail addresses: or: or: or: or: assaf or: or: or:

2) Below is the letter I sent to the “Tzeirim Boarim”(the Hebrew name of: “burning young people” movement):     


Greetings to the “Tzeirim Boarim” movement:

The following is a message on behalf of Mrs. Tatyana Kadochkin from the “nitgaber” movement.

 The subject: the “nitgaber” movement (“transparent” disabled people)

About a decade ago, I, the Ham, founded the movement “nitgaber”, for the “transparent” disabled people. Disabled people with high percentages of disability and no ability to work, but who are not limited in movement.

My movement counts and represents about 1300 people from all over the state of ISRAEL, who have a disability ranging from 75% to 100%, who are not fit to work and who do not have a mobility disability or need an increase in their disability percentages. The movement allows those people to find all their rights from all over the state of ISRAEL and certain financial support is also given to those most in need.

Our movement fights for affordable public housing and adequate living conditions for the aforementioned population group. Many disabled people who are not able to work, and who have 75%-100% disability, but are not limited in movement live in deplorable conditions.

They do not receive the same benefits that pensioners who also receive income supplementation enjoy. That is, they don’t have discounts for buying medicine, discounts on the electricity bill, and property tax, discounts for traveling in the public transport and rent assistance similar to pensioners, they are not entitled to “heating/cooling” grants and more. In other words, they are entitled to almost no benefits, despite their dire situation. Furthermore, they are also not entitled to public housing despite the difficult conditions they live in every day.

There is a fundamental difference between the different disabilities, and we believe that it should not be that way!

 A disabled person with a mobility disability, entitled to public housing and receiving rent assistance ranging from 3000 to 3900 NIS per month.

 Also, disabled people with mobility disabilities receive larger allowances than the disabled people represented by the movement, thanks to additions to the basic allowance, which includes, among others, special services, a mobility and companion allowance, and more.

in such a situation, the size of these allowances reaches NIS 15,000-17,000 per month. But in contrast, the disabled represented by the movement, who do not have a mobility disability, have a 75%-100% disability and are not fit to work, receive only NIS 3211 per month net only!

From this it follows that this group is the poorest and most vulnerable population in the State of ISRAEL!!!

During my years of activity, I met with many officials from different parties in the Knesset(the Parliament of ISRAEL) and in the various government ministries.

But, unfortunately, for a decade now, the movement has not succeeded in promoting the proposal that would allow disabled people who are not limited in movement, who have 75-100% disability and are not able to work, to receive public housing, or at the very least to increase the amount of assistance they receive in renting an apartment and to improve at least somewhat the their living conditions.

In light of the above, me, Tatyana Kaduchkin, chairperson of the movement “nitgaber” (transparent disabled people),

I would like to meet with you, in order to promote this project and help these people live a more dignified and proper life.

With blessings and great hope, Tatyana Kaduchkin, chairperson of the movement “nitgaber” (transparent disabled).

Phone 1: 972-52-370-8001. Phone 2: 972-3-534-6644.           

Below is the message I left for Knesset(The Parliament of ISRAEL) member Mossi Raz-which I arrived for a meeting with him in the Knesset. I arrived for the meeting on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 at 1:30 PM.        


Greetings to Knesset member Mossi Raz.

Subject: Housing problem for the disabled.

Dear sir.

Below are a number of issues related to the disabled and mentally challenged population (a population in which I am also included) that I would like to raise before you.

 I would be interested in knowing to what extent you are able to promote these issues and/or make urgent legislative amendments in order to improve our situation, the conditions of our treatment and our chances of surviving and integrating into society.

I will point out that from past experience I have learned that in meetings of this type I will be told before I arrive that I will be given permission to speak in order to raise the issues I wish to speak about – however in the meeting itself I will not be given permission to speak even for one second – and if I try to speak, God forbid it will be considered Automatically for a very serious “disturbance” and therefore the security guards will attack me and expel me very aggressively – and this even when there is no need for it and when it is completely unnecessary, and also when it is absolutely clear that I do not pose any “danger” to anyone.

And knowing this reality, I am handing you this letter – just in case this time too, this will be the behavior towards me. Apparently the very fact that I dare to bring up the plight of the disabled community is interpreted as a very serious threat – even though it is not at all clear to me who or what exactly it threatens. I am leaving you and the employees of your office with this letter – I will not take it back to my home.

 And now for the details of the topics themselves:

1) The problem of financing/rent payment – many years ago it was determined (and it is not clear by whom – however it is probably one government official or another) that disabled people who live in the community are entitled to assistance in the amount of 770 shekels per month for the purpose of paying rent. As we know, in recent years there has been a very significant increase in apartment prices in the State of Israel – and as a result, of course, there has also been a significant increase in the rent. However, the aid amount of NIS 770, which was determined many years ago completely arbitrarily, and without any explanation or logic, is not being updated. Unfortunately, even after a great deal of correspondence (and we are talking about at least several thousand or even tens of thousands of letters, and unfortunately for the writer of these words, these numbers are not excessive at all), which were sent to every possible party: the Ministry of Construction and Housing and its various branches, other government ministries such as the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Minister’s Office, many journalists with whom the writer of this document spoke personally, Many lawyers and even the investigative offices and embassies of foreign countries – nothing helps – and as a result, the amount of aid is not updated, many disabled people are thrown into the street and find their death there from hunger, thirst or cold in the winter and alternatively from heat stroke or dehydration in the summer. It should be noted that organizations for the exploitation of rights such as the “Yadid” association (which, as we know, was closed a few months ago) or legal aid clinics at universities and colleges with which the writer of this article is also in contact can never help, and the reason for this is simple: the aid amount of NIS 770 is provided according to law , and organizations for the exploitation of rights can only help according to the existing law, and the only address in cases where legislative changes are necessary is, as you know, the Knesset. But here the situation only continues to get complicated: as we know, for a very long period of over two years there is no functioning government and Knesset and the State of Israel is in a state of, in fact, a continuous transitional government. The direct and devastating result of this situation is the lack of possibility to make essential amendments to the law that are urgently required – some of which I detail here. It should be noted that even when the Knesset and the government acted on the requests of the writer of these lines, as well as requests from the organizations of the disabled and many other parties regarding the amount of aid to the members of the Knesset, they were automatically directed to the organizations for the exploitation of rights – and this even though the members of the Knesset themselves know very well that in this case the organizations for the exploitation Rights cannot be the address but only themselves.

2) Communication with the landlords – there are many cases in which disabled people have difficulty negotiating with the landlord due to reasons related to their illness or disability. In these situations, the social workers are required to act as mediators – and a very large part of the social workers cannot really take on this role in every case. And what’s more: the extensive cuts in recent years in the standards for the jobs of social workers, combined with the difficult working conditions, the low pay, the inadequate treatment by the families of patients who in many cases see them as, and unjustly, responsible for the poor care their relatives receive – and all of this Combined with the impossible workload that sometimes forces them to have no choice but to neglect even urgent or dangerous situations – all these make it even more difficult for the person with the disability to find a suitable apartment and for the social worker to help.

3) Patients’ means of payment – there are situations in which a person moves to live in the community after a long period of stay in hospitals, and without living habits that are considered normative such as going to work, taking responsibility for managing his life, etc. Very often requirements that are placed as a condition for signing a lease contract such as Signing a guarantee check is unattainable for people at this stage of their lives. Many treatment and rehabilitation frameworks that existed in the past (in one of which the writer of this document was helped about 26 years ago when leaving a hospital for assisted living) have closed or significantly reduced the scope Their activity in recent years – something that may prevent rehabilitation from people who at this stage of their lives will not be able to move forward without these essential therapeutic and rehabilitation envelopes.

4) The regulation problem – today there is a complete imbalance when it comes to the obligations and rights of the apartment owners on the one hand and the apartment renters on the other. There are many laws that protect landlords from one or another abuse of the rental periods that may be on the part of the tenants. On the other hand, there are no laws aimed at protecting the people who live in apartments from being exploited by landlords – and as a result, scandalous, draconian and sometimes even illegal clauses can be found in many rental contracts – and there are no laws aimed at protecting the tenants of these apartments who are forced to sign these contracts. In many cases, the tenants of the apartments do not have a legal right to object to offensive clauses that are signed as a condition for renting the property – and they will be completely exposed to the whims of the owners of the apartments, and sometimes even during the rental period itself.

 Of course, this problem is the population’s

However, it should be taken into account that dealing with the landlords in these situations is naturally more difficult for disadvantaged populations such as the disabled or the sick.

5) Difficulty in informing – there are considerable difficulties when it comes to raising the difficulties mentioned and exposing them in the public arena for the purpose of making the necessary necessary corrections. The current priorities of the various media that are almost not interested in the issue, fragmentation among the organizations of the disabled, the reluctance of many elements of the society in which we live to take an active part in attempts to correct and improve the situation – all these burden and make it very difficult for the efforts to raise these problems to public awareness in a way that will be forced the members of the Knesset to make the necessary amendments to the legislation instead of continuing to ignore and do nothing. Another difficulty exists when it comes to raising an advertising campaign:

6) Waiting time for treatment – there are many cases in which people who up to a certain stage in their lives did not need the help of mental health services at all – but as a result of difficult life circumstances or a traumatic or difficult event of one kind or another need the help of a professional in the field of mental health – and of course in many cases This is temporary or one-off assistance and not chronic. Today, the waiting periods for treatment or psychological assistance are very long – and as a result of the lack of timely help, people’s conditions may deteriorate unnecessarily. Investing additional resources in the public mental health system can certainly change the situation. It must be remembered that even from an economic and budgetary point of view there is no logic in such behavior: when people’s conditions worsen during a prolonged waiting period for treatment, their situation continues to get complicated – and what could have been a one-off aid that does cost the state money turns into an even more serious situation that subsequently costs the state a high financial cost Infinitely.

7) Dental treatments – As you know, in the State of Israel a person who needs dental treatments will almost always go to private doctors – and this is because the public health system does not currently provide an answer in this area. It should be noted that the mentally challenged, and also the disabled in general, whose financial plight is very difficult on a day-to-day level, even without connection to dental treatments, find it even more difficult to receive these treatments, if and when it is necessary. The combination of serious mental problems and severe economic distress causes these people to face a broken trough and a complete dead end when necessary, and sometimes urgent dental care. It must be taken into account that today there is no, in fact, a systemic solution to an issue that is not being addressed at all – and one must think about appropriate legislation and the creation of reasonable options when it comes to dental treatments for these populations.

8) Hospitalization areas – a person who currently needs massive psychiatric treatment in a public hospital or clinic can only receive it in a clinic or hospital that is close to his area of ​​residence. There are cases where patients prefer, for one reason or another, to be treated at another clinic – not necessarily the one very close to their area of ​​residence. Patients should be allowed freedom of choice – and a patient who is not satisfied with treatment at a particular clinic or hospital should be given the option to move to a clinic or hospital elsewhere. This option is currently given in all other fields of medicine – and there is no reason to deny the freedom of choice as to the place of treatment in the field of mental treatment only. What’s more: such freedom of choice, if given, could certainly cause hospitals and clinics in the field of mental health to compete with each other for patients – something that could definitely lead to better treatment and service.

 9) Population awareness – the general population sometimes shows very significant opposition when it comes to mental health treatments that are given in the area where people live – something that stems from a lack of awareness and the lack of recognition of the field – and without any practical or logical justification. Reducing the resistance and reluctance of the population through an appropriate systemic information system may certainly make the lives of patients and patients whose lives are very difficult in any case due to the disease and disability themselves, easier. The lack of awareness in the society we live in causes cases of residents’ objections to the opening of hostels or treatment facilities near where they live – something that leads to considerable delays in the opening of these facilities, and sometimes even to the prevention of their opening following lawsuits filed by residents. What’s more: there are quite a few cases in which there is intentional harassment of the population towards these care facilities when they are in their area of ​​residence – and it is very possible that raising public awareness could lead to a considerable reduction in the number of these cases.


        assaf benyamini,

        115 Costa Rica Street,

        Entrance A-flat 4,

        Kiryat Menachem,


        ISRAEL, zip code: 9662592.

        my phone numbers: at home-972-2-6427757.




        post Scriptum. 1) My ID number: 029547403.

        2) My e-mail addresses:


        or: or: or: or:


        3) The treatment framework I was in until March 16, 2021 (due to the continued cuts and reductions in the health and welfare budgets and the lack of treatment of these issues in the absence of a functioning government or Knesset) I am left, chronically ill with very serious diseases and problems without any appropriate treatment framework. All my attempts to find a relevant treatment framework for her I can rely on clay pots – and there is no telling how long this catastrophic situation will last):

        Association “Reut”-Hostel “Avivit”,

        Ha Avivit St. 6,

        Kiryat Menachem,


        Israel, zip code: 9650816.

        The phone numbers in the hostel offices:

        972-2-6432551. Or: 972-2-6428351.

        The e-mail address of the hostel:

        The social worker from the hostel team, with whom I was in

         contact: Oshrat-972-50-5857185.

        4) The family doctor with whom I am being monitored:

        Dr. Brandon Stewart,

        “Klalit Health Services” – the “tayelet” clinic,

        6 Daniel Yanovsky Street,


        ISRAEL, zip code: 9338601.

        The telephone number of the clinic offices:

        972-2-6738558. The clinic’s office

        fax number : 972-2-6738551.


        5) Details of the regular medications I take:

  1. Psychiatric drugs:


        2 pills of 300 mg each every evening.

        B.Tegretol CR-

        400 mg-every morning. 400 mg-every evening.

        C .Effexor-

        150 mg-every morning. 150 mg-every evening.

  1. simvastatine-

        10 mg every day in the evening.



        6) Below is the list of medical problems I suffer from:


  1. Mental illness-compulsive syndrome O.C.D as well as a disease defined as schizo-affective disorder
  2. Psoriatic Arthritis.
  3. A neurological problem whose definition is not clear. The problem main symptoms: objects falling from my hands without me noticing, dizziness, loss of feeling in some areas of the palms and a certain problem with balance and posture.
  4. Chronic disc herniation in the back in vertebrae 4-5 – which also radiates to the legs and makes walking difficult.
  5. Irritable bowel syndrome.
  6. Beginning of signs of a cardiological problem from the last month (I am writing these words on Thursday, March 22, 2018). As of the time of writing these lines, the essence of the problem is still unclear, which is manifested in chest pains during most of the day, difficulties in breathing and also in speaking.
  7. A significant weakening of vision, which started about six months ago (I am writing these words on Monday, April 19, 2021).

        7) Additional personal details: Age: 48.

        Marital status: Single. Date of birth: 11.11.1972.


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3 thoughts on “Joining offer.”

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